Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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Sinopsis & Review
Tajuk: Lifestyle Entrepreneur

ISBN: 9789833789559
Penerbit: Kanyin Publication
Penulis: Jesse Krieger
Tahun Terbitan:2012
Muka Surat: 157
Halaman: Warna
Format: Softcover
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This book is the result of having lived a non-traditional life. In my twenties, I launched five businesses and sold the last two that I started. I have been in a rock band touring America. and I've been flown around the world as a professional dating coach. I have travelled to, and lived in, over 25 countries, learning the local languages while I was there. I feel very blessed to have friends all over the world, a family that loves me at home, and generally to live the life that I've always dreamed of.


But this book isn't about me. It's about You!


If you take only 10% of the information and ideas in this book and put tem into practice, it will change your life. I promise.


This book contains the essence of everything I've learned over the last 10 years of strating businesses, travelling the world and exploring the things I am passionate about. Now I would like to share a blueprint for how you can do all of these things and more.


Are you ready?